“They built their cities under the most beautiful sky in the most beautiful climate of the world known to us,” said the famous historian Heredotus about Foca and its dwellers when he came to Asia Minor to write out the Trojan War.
Foca is a coastal town on the northwest of Izmir. The city was named “Phokaia” after the Mediterrenian Monk Seals, and was an important Ionian settlement. Later the name turned to “Foca”.
The ancient Phocaeans were very successful in trade and navigation and they built up colonies throughout the coast of the Mediterrenian, from Asia Minor, to Greece, and from France to Spain. It is said that the foundations of the formation of Western civilization were laid in Ionia. As one of the most important cities in Ionia, Foca made a great progress in philosophy, architecture, and sculpture. Furthermore, it was also one of the Ionian cities which manufactured the first “elektrum coins” (alloy of silver and gold) in Asia Minor.
Foca is in a region full of islands. There are a number of small and large islands and many bays in the area and all are brilliantly clean. So, whenever you wish, you can enjoy the sea everywhere in the region. It is a blessing to see Foca, but it is all by itself a privilage to live there. When you see the breathtaking beauty of the sunset, many kinds kinds of birds, countless types of fish, seals, and dolphins all living together, you'll agree.

The people in Foca believe that the visitors who come here for the first time are sure to return sometime later. According to a legend, there is a black stone (KARATAS) in Foca the location of which is unknown. Whoever steps on this stone will be filled with a desire to come back to Foca later again because this place creates a strong addiction. In Foca, mithology, archeology, history and nature complete each other in a perfect harmony. In every corner of Foca one can feel history and nature abundantly. This is where the sea meets the nature and nature meets history. Nature, sea, and history shine there exceptionally. Foca is one of the few towns of the Aegean civilization which has preserve its authentic texture. So, once you visit Foca it is not possible not to love it, and not to want to come back.